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Money Games > Spokane Federal Credit Union

Money Games

Learning about money can be fun and educational!

Hit the Road and try out your budgeting skills with NCUA's money game below!

Check out some of the great games we found from DoughMain - a website dedicated to helping educate kiddos about money.

Raining Money



 Peter Pig's $$ Counter



I Rule Money

Answers to questions your teen(s) may have about money so they can RULE their own financial futures.


 Exact Change



Sand Dollar City

Introduce your kids ages 8 to 12 how to sink or swim in the financial world.  (Parents: you will need to create a user name and password for this fun game.)

These games have kindly been provided by DoughMain.com - the best free way to organize your family...and teach them about money, too!  Check them out! 

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